GP Training

Training Practice

Our practice is proud to be a training/teaching practice. Our Trainees are fully qualified with at least three years hospital experience and have chosen general practice as a career; they are usually attached to your surgery for 12 months. They provide care of the same standard as that given by the other doctors within the practice, and will refer to a GP partner, who is their trainer, if necessary.



Qualified doctors gaining experience in general practice after qualification and who are supervised by one of the partners who is their trainer.



ST3 trainees are qualified for at least 4 years (2 foundation years and 2 years of GP vocational training including 6 months in GP Practice).


Medical Students

We are fortunate to sometimes have medical students attached to our practice for short periods. This is an opportunity for them to learn about general practice.


If there is a trainee/medical student sat in with the GP when you attend your appointment, you will be asked if you are happy for them to remain in the room. Please do not worry about asking for a private consultation with the GP if this is what you would prefer.